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Monday, 12 March 2012

I suck at posting!

I am not sick, just lazy.

I HAVE been painting though, as well as practicing some more with the new army.  Come inside and see what I got.

Here's the Ironblaster first.  It's such a piece of... well... it's really hard to put together.  I tried some tartan on his bag, had to revamp his straps holding the cannon as well.   I am gonna go back and tone down the rust if I got a chance.

And my in progress unit of Ironguts!   I have been using reaper flesh tones.  Really like them.  Start with a base of Dark flesh, do a half tone with the tanned flesh and then go pure tanned flesh.  I then wash the entire thing with Ogryn Flesh and touch up spots here and there with a tanned highlight.  Also do some red washes on faces, elbows and hands.

And now... back to painting.

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