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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Even More Progress

Regrettably, I had to call in sick to work today.  This strep throat is kicking my ass HARD.  However, I did manage to pull myself together for a little while this evening (I slept all day) to get some more work done.

First off, more work on the Archmage.  He's nearly finished now, but honestly I just puttered on him for a bit today.  I'll try to finish him up Thursday.

More after the break:

Next up, I remembered that I had done some conversion work on my BSB and he needed some touch-up work done.  So I painted his new arm, cleaned up his back, and then added more gold to give him a more regal presence.  There are still a few things I'd like to do with him, but overall I'm pretty happy.  The biggest thing is my magic wash for white got all crusty and gross, so I need to make up a new batch, then white-out the grey shadows in the white and replace them with the magic wash.

I cleaned up the silvers on the Dragon Princes, getting them all ready for the next stage, and then did a test run of blue on one model.  Boy these guys are going to be a lot of work.  There is probably more detail to these models than there are to my character models.

I also got the metals finished on the White Lions.  I originally was going to do the blues next, as is my standard assembly line format for Elves, but then realized that the lion cloaks undercut quite a bit, so it makes more sense to do the cloaks first.  So I got started on a few of those, but then called it quits for the night.

So good progress tonight, but still a TON to do.  Also, I need to go pick up some liquid green stuff.  There are gas on the dragon princes, and the eagles that I just can't live with, so I need to fill those.  Plus I'd like to try out the liquid stuff and see how it works.

I doubt I'll get any painting done tomorrow night, as it's game night at the store, and I'm testing out my 1000 and 1250 lists for 40k (Eldar, of course).  But I'm hoping to get a lot done on Thursday.  We'll see how things work out.


  1. love your painting style for real i do love the orb on the staff especially nice !

  2. Thanks, I was really worried it wouldn't turn out. I'm planning on this mage being my Shadow Mage, which is why I went with the strong purples, but I haven't really painted a lot of purples, so it was mostly guess work.