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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hitting the Ground Running!

So right after my last post, I sat down and got to work.  It felt good.  Except for me being sick as a dog.  My apologies for the blurry pictures.

Here is almost everything I have to do in the next 28 days (missing only the eagles, as they were in my priming tray):

More after the break:

I'm trying to finish 3-4 models a day, to keep on track.  I'm hoping to get back to work on these later, but for now, here are 4 White Lions, with their metals done (except for the gold, which is a later stage), and some blues laid down:

I also got some mithril silver laid down on the Dragon Princes.  These 2 units are my main focus, since they are going to be used in my 2400 point list for Wallshammer's tournament.

Then I worked on the flight bases for the Great Eagles.  The standard GW plastic sticks don't fit the Eagles very well, and make them quite tippy.  So I ripped up a metal coat hangar and made new ones:

And, after getting some new primer (thanks to my wife), I got the Eagles primed.

So, I'm off to get some rest.  I'm hoping to come back to this in a few hours and get those White Lions done. The next steps are to finish laying down and highlighting the blues, then the skin tones, clean up the white, magic wash the white and do the 'bone' for the weapon haft and lion cloaks.  And gems, who could forget all those gems.  You think I'd be sick of gems after all of this (Eldar and High Elves).

I'll check in later with more progress (I hope).

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