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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Not As Much Progress

Slow night tonight.  I crashed pretty hard, this strep throat is kicking my ass.  But I did get the rest of the basecoat down on the lion cloak, a wash on them, and some blues done on the Dragon Princes.  Here's a couple of quick shots, then off to bed.  I gotta get some sleep and try to shake this.

The rest after the break:

Here's to hoping Wallshammer posts something soon.  I know I'd love to see the progress he's making on his ogres.  Plus he did play a couple of games on Wednesday I'm sure he'd love to battle report. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

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  1. Yes, yes...

    I will get to them, hopefully tonight. I did build my last 2 ironguts I needed now that I got the models. Built 2 more on top of that for sometime later. Really loving the Ogres.

    Quick synopsis slash teaser for the battle reports:

    Played Lizards in Battle for the Pass. Chaff rules. Lizards really suffer without Slaan and their other good units. Still, gotta commend the guy for trying something new! Carnosaurs rule!

    Then played Skaven in Meeting Engagement. I can tell this is going to be the worst mission for my playstyle. Chaff all went on one side of the table, everything else on the other. Plan down the drain. Made me think... and throw models. Stupid skaven and their nonsense book. :)

    Who won? Keep tuning in!

    PS: Really liking the cloaks on the lions!