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Monday, 30 April 2012

Fresh Meat!

Hey guys, I am the newest poster on Hobby at all costs, and would just like to take the time to introduce myself and give a bit of background information before I dive into my work.

I have been playing Warhammer now for about 13 years, and Warhammer 40k for 9ish. I have had a numerous amount of different armies in the past but only a couple have stuck. At the present moment I am proudly rocking Vampire Counts (5 years strong now baby!!) and currently working on a Tyranid army for 40k. Although my Vampire Counts are nearly complete, I hope to be posting piece by piece the pics of the army and all of the units contained within.

I have been an avid hobbyist as well as player, having taken part in more than 75 tournaments in the last 10 years, being a former GW Grey Knight, I look forward to bringing my Hobby and Game to the blog in the future.

Something I hope to do a little bit differently, as I am quiet the talker is on some of my posts of different units of from my armies I hope to throw in not only some words on the painting and modelling aspect, as well as the in-game aspect. I also hope to start doing some battle reports in the near future.

And since this wouldnt be a good painting pic blog post without a picture! Ill show everyone a bit of my most recent model finish. Krell.

My camera skills are no more than terrible right now, hopefully I can improve in the future. But Krell being one of the most painted new range models out there right now, just thought I could share, as well as the color scheme might give some hints as to what the rest of my VC may look like :P

Thats all for now, thanks for reading!


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