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Monday, 30 April 2012

Onslaught Game 3: Versus Brettonians!

Yes, that picture IS the most awesome thing ever.  You are correct!

Game 3 was versus a wonderfully painted Bretonnian player ran by Jordan Mail.  Again, I was gifted with another great opponent even when things weren't going great.
There is a distinct lack of pictures.  It was getting late, I was getting into the event and forget to constantly have my camera ready.   Still, this pictures gives a not bad overview of the early game.

James was running a Heroic Killing Blow general, a BSB, Heaven's Prophetess, 2 units of Knights of the Realm, 2 Trebuchets, a large unit of men at arms, grail knights and 3 pegasus knights.  I have to admit, I was a little terrified, especially when I realized this mission was Blood and Glory!   It only made sense for me in this one to take a secondary mission of capturing three banners.  Either I do and win or don't and lose.

I was a bit worried about losing.  Bretonnians can be devastating on the charge and if I flee from combat, I lose banners.  I set up on one side of the sphinx, minus one sabretusk and the ironblaster.  I was able to cannonball trebuchets off the table and my cat got rid of the grail knights.  

In the middle I threw my gnoblars right up in front of the two units, causing them to both lose a ton when they charged into them and failed plenty of break tests.  I left some room and counter charged, wiping the unit out pretty quickly.  After that the other lance went down easy and that was game in turn three.

I felt genuinely bad for the fella.  He was such a superb sport about everything that I wish it didn't go this way.   Great looking army, great opponent... if I could ask for anything more it would have been a closer game.

So a comeback?  Loss, Win, Massacre... that should put me high up on the tables, probably facing a tough opponent.  And when I saw the next opponents list... I knew I was in for a fight!

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