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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Onslaught Game 2: vs Vampires! OoOOOOoooooooohHHHHoooooOO (scary!)

Onto game 2!  I figured after the loss in game 2 that this tournament was just gonna be three more games of losses but having a good time.  I was there to promote Coulee Carnage and push little men across tables, so losing wasn't that big of a deal.  It just sucks when the opponent sucks.

This opponent did not suck.
George Fleming is a super, super nice guy.   Was there just to have fun, play some games and meet some people, hopefully winning games along the way.  George played a really nice looking Vampire Counts army. I saw it and got a bit worried at first.  But then, with a look around I realized this might not be impossible.

The mission was called "Flanking".  You use the diagonal deployment mission from the BRB, but still deploy everything.  Your mission was to control two boxes on the table.  That is the square of dice you may see in pictures.

George went first and deployed his entire army.  This I didn't mind.   I like being able to deploy against an opponent and pick my fights.  With so many unbreakable units on the table, I had to really be choosey and deploy well.

George was nice enough to provide me with a copy of his army list!  First time ever anyone's had an extra!  I brought six along with me in case anyone else wanted one.

He had a lvl 4 Necromancer with a channeling staff as his general, riding a corpse cart.  He also had another lvl 2 Necromancer hiding in a skeleton bunker and a Lvl 2 Vampire with a 5+ ward in with a unit of grave guard.  Two units of 5 Dire Wolves, 40 Skeletons, 18 Skeletons, two units of 23 zombies, the 24 grave guard with the banner of the barrows, 5 hexwraiths, 3 vargheists, and 2 wraiths with a banshee finished the army.  It was a lot of stuff that I knew could be healed back.  I had to work fast!

I used a cat to redirect his graveguard for a few turns and piled all the ogres on one side.  It was a good plan as I was able to really crush the zombies.  It helped when the ironblaster shot the cart off the table first turn.  Great, lucky shot!  I was able to quite easily clear one side with my ironguts and bulls.  He was actually able to delete my bulls in combats plus spells and hex wraiths.  Meanwhile my Mournfang went on an absolute rampage and killed pretty much everything else on the other side of the table on their own!  It was stunning how damaging they were.  I killed all three characters and his army just started disintegrating across the table.

Sorry about the lack of pictures.  You get into the game and forget to snap pics!  But trust me, lots happened and it was lots of fun!   In the end, a solid win for me!  Not quite a massacre.  He was sure I did, but he got an extra pile of points from controlling a square.   Maybe if we added it up it was a massacre?  Might have bumped me higher!  Regardless, moot point and I was still quite happy with the game and to get back on the winning track.

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