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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Onslaught Game 1: High Elves of doooom!

I am back from Onslaught in Edmonton and what a weekend it was.   It was really fun to get away from real life, relax and roll dice.

The tournament itself was a stellar event.  Ward Kapach and co. really know how to run this event minute by minute.   Tables were set up with plenty of room to spare.  They had a small but FREE concession with some fruit and veggie trays, candy and drinks.  Really nice touch.  Rules packs were well written, concise and easy to read.  I do think they could have seperated the 40k and fantasy portions that more a minor nitpick.  When you came in to sign up it was quick.  Name tag, info, what table you were at, blam.  Done.

And as for game 1?  It was High Elves!  Come inside and find out more.

My first opponent of the day was Colin Sankey, a really good guy from Calgary.   He's a great player and I think he ended up doing fairly well at the event.  His army is really quite good looking.  A deep red and really nice burnished gold.

He had, if I remember right, a unit of archers, a huge unit of spearmen with his BSB (kitted out with a super armor save and great weapon.... dangerous dude!) and Ethereal Wizard General (shadow), a unit of Phoenix guard with another wizard and a small unit of spearmen.   He also had a giant eagle who is hiding somewhere.  I think...

Scenario one was called "Illusion".  There were 5 objectives across the middle of the table.  You got extra points for capturing them.  However, one would randomly vanish at the ends of turn 3 and 5.   I picked my secondary objective to be to wipe out his entire army.   You had a list of 6 to choose from but could only use one a game.  This card was worth a bunch of points and I was fairly confident against the elves.

It was fairly quick that we got into battle.  I charged my gnoblars into his Phoenix guard (duh duh duh!) so my ironguts had room to charge the spearmen.  I threw my bulls in as well.  Crushed him the first turn but he held.  Dragon Princes then made their way in as well as the Phoenix Guard.  I then charged my Mournfang in and here was the end result:

Yeah, pretty much nothing on the table!   I was really ready to pack it in at this point but from experience knew this army could come back from adversity so I stuck in.

Next turn my Bull Champion, BSB and Firebelly finished the job and over ran and away.  My Mournfang reformed to get them.

A few battles later and this was it, end of the game.  He had 1, I had 1, we contested one.  YAY Sabertusk!

So in the end Colin got a well deserved solid victory.  Not quite a massacre as he only got my guts, Slaughtermaster, gnoblars and a cat.   I got his spearmen with the characters inside.  Great game, definitely up for a rematch!

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