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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Well... looks like we're gonna keep this open.  It might be a one man show, but it's fun to occassionally write something, yell and scream in text format, praise something.  Might not be every day, just saying!  Then again, I am running a pretty big tournament in June, so I will probably have lots to talk about it.  For now though... it's something I am doing this weekend!

Yessir, it's tournament time again.  This time around it's Onslaught in Edmonton.  Another 2000pt tournament and once again I am bringing the Ogres.

I brought a bit of a different list this time as well.  We'll see how it goes.  If anything I'll have a few more models painted.

Slaughtermaster:  Fencer's Blades, Glittering Scales, Greedy Fist, Lvl 4 Maw
--Tyrant's statline, everyone in the game hits him on 5's at best, hard to kill.  Plus he's a level 4!

BSB:  Warrior Bane, Dragonhelm, Crown of Command, Heavy Armor, Ironfist
--Even minus the BSB rerolls, this fellas been the lynchpin of my army in playtesting.  The stubborn is so huge.  I would take a bruiser with the hat even if he wasn't the BSB.  Plus he's still fairly hard to kill and hits hard.

Firebelly:  Great Weapon, Lvl 2
--Extra punchy goodness.  Fireballs for chaff, breath weapon in combat.  He's way better then I expected he would be

10 Ironguts:  Standard of Discpline, Musician
6 Ogres: Ironfists, Full Command
2 single sabretusks
10 Trappers
--Fairly standard stuff here.  I've generally been putting the firebelly and BSB in with the bulls.

3 Mournfang: Ironfists, Dragonhide Banner
--Man.. so hit or miss.  They will never really rally thanks to their crap leadership and are a huge fire magnet.  However, if they do make it into combat they are beaaaaaast!   So hard to kill, hit with a ton of attacks.  I can see why people roll 3 units of these.  Not that I ever would, but I can see why.

So there we go.  Four games coming up on Saturday, hopefully battle reports to follow.  I may twitter while I am there as well.  You can find me at @hobbyatallcosts!

Until next time, partisans!

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