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Thursday, 5 April 2012

OGRES! It's about time I get caught up I think.

I admit it, I've been lazy.  I've only been working 50 hours a week, organizing a tournament, painting an army, being married, buying a second house.  SO THERE!

But seriously, I have really our baby.  Time to get a bit caught up, even if it's just in one big post!   I'll pour a glass of chardonay and get typing.  Come inside children and see my ogre army!

So, like the Ork challenge, I decided to go and paint an entire army from scratch for a tournament, despite having other armies all completed.  I could have just brought my main army, Empire (more on them later!) or finished off the Beastmen I have painted to 1250.  Or I could have converted my 40k daemons to fantasy.

But no sir.  I did something completely new in Ogres... and I've been loving it!  In practice games and on the painting table both they've been quite a bit of fun.  Very different from the regimented order that is Empire, that's for sure.

For those who don't know, I just competed in a 2000 point fantasy tournament, the only real comp being that you had to have 40% core.   A lot of the really good stuff in an Ogre army is in special, so this was going to be a challenge!

And with that said, here is the army!  I am a total nerdface, so, yes, I did name all the characters and units.

Army shot!

First up, my general Grackleguts the Prophet.  He was a level 4 Slaughtermaster wielding the Maw lore.  Extra hand weapons, a charmed shield, the forbidden rod, a talisman of preservation for a 4+ward and the rock eye wrapped up his equipment.

Always important in an Ogre army is a Battle Standard bearer.  Ogre leadership is exactly average and they need the boost.  Smashus Tinchomper was the bruiser chosen for this task, carrying a sword of might, dragonhelm and ironcurse icon.

I also decided to take another caster, this one a Lvl 2 with beasts, Brack the Beasttalker.  This was pretty much just for Wyssan's Wildform, my favorite buff in the game.   He also had a great weapon, dispel scroll (never leave home without one!) and a dragonbane gem for only 5pts.

Let's not forget that I had to have 40% core in this army.  With only 3 core units and one of them mostly a joke, I bet you can guess what I have!

First up, Smashus' Smashers, a unit of eight bulls with ironfists, a musician and a standard.  Smashus, hence the name, tended to stay in with them.

The other big block of punchy goodness was a unit of 8 Ironguts for the other 2 characters to sit in with a musician and standard of discipline, giving my army a bubble of Leadership 9.   Here is the Gracklegut Stampede:

There we go for the core.... oh wait.  NOPE!  Still three more units that everyone loves to hate!  Gnoblar trappers!

The Annoying: (mind the sand falling off the movement tray)


The Underfoots:

Yes, lots of landmines.  I so love them.   But of course, they don't do the damage of my next guy, an unnamed Ironblaster.  Apparently I forgot to name him.  I shall name him Jim.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love chaff.  As if three units of trappers wasn't evidence enough.   I have the Sabretusk models for these fellas, but they need some substantial repair as I got them second hand (and really cheap!).  So, I made what I think is a good pair of stand ins!   The first base is Chompers and Manchewer, the second is Goblingrabber and Fleabag:

I figured two chaos hounds is about the same as a kitty and no one's really complained yet.

And finally I have The Travelled, a group of 4 Maneaters.   Two have braces of pistols, one has extra hand weapons and the final has a great weapon.  As well they have a Banner of Eternal Flame and stubborn/swiftstride for their "Been There, Done That" ability.   I love these fellas, but competitively I am just not really sure.  I made a point of modelling them after other races and army books.   Let's see if you can guess them.

So there we go.  My army in pictures.  I will post a brief battle report series for the tournament as well.  I forgot the camera so there will be no pictures, but I'll sum them up after.  

For a teaser I played a 3 block lizardman army, a cauldron support executioner horde dark elf army and a stank/war altar/artillery empire army.  Minor Loss, Minor Win, Massacre against.  Guess which was which!  Winner gets nothing.

Until next time, which is hopefully soon...

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  1. Love the names! Not I'll have to go back and name everything.

    And holy crap! You posted!