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Sunday, 13 May 2012

First 48

Not models.. hours haha. Anyways heres a quick update on my 6 week 2400 pts challenge. Picked up a cut and dry box of Bret knights friday afternoon, built them that night and painted the 8 horses over the weekend. The knights were just primed and are drying and will start on them right away. These are going to be Knights of the Realm, I do have grail knights in the list but I am going to just use more of the boxed plastic knights and paint more "dressy" patterns on them.. I cant justify paying 140 dollars for 10 metal grail knights when I can buy all of the knights in my list (plastic) for less than 120. Anyways thanks for checking in, stay tuned for the next updates in the next 6 weeks to watch a bret army be built and painted from the ground up!


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