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Friday, 11 May 2012

6 Week Grind

So, Due to recent events and circumstances I was going to move back across the country but that has been put on hold for a while. Now that I have even more free time on my hands in the next few weeks I totally went out on a whim and decided to do a 2400 pt fantasy army from scratch for Coulee Carnage.

Ive always been known to be a power grind painter but this will probably be the biggest challenge I have done in a while if not ever (Did 2k Ogres in a week once). So that being said stay tuned in the following weeks to watch my progress. Oh, btw I am doing a 2400 pt Bretonnia army. I know they are pretty wet noodle-ish right now but Ive always loved the army and models and have wanted a Bret army for years now. Read more for rough list details

A rough estimate of the list will look something like this :

9 Grail Knights
18 Knights of the Realm
32 Bowmen
2 Trebuchet
3 Pegasus Knights
Prophetess of the Lady
Bret lord on a warhorse
1 Paladin BSB warhorse
1 Paladin Pegasus
1 Damsel

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. I look forward to checking out the Bretonnians you have painted so far!

    And at worst, if you aren't done much by the list deadline, you can just do your vampires! Win/Win if you ask me.

    Brettonians are definitely an interesting army. I don't think they are nearly as bad as people think. Heck, I think Cavalry is perfectly viable in 8th edition. They just need to be used right. People push hordes across the table into combat and think horses should be the same. Nuh-uh! Takes some brains to use them.

    Post some pics!