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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Maybe there's still hope for me and Power Armor!

Maybe, JUST maybe there is a chance that me and power armor aren't mortal allies meant to vanquish each other at the end of time.

I decided, quite randomly, that I would bring out Chaos Marines last night.  I had a guard army packed, list printed... and then while sitting on the toilet, reading the new Night Lords novel inspiration hit me!  BLAMMO!  I ran into my hobby room, dug through my piles of crap and found the box.

Opened it.

Full of Chaos Marines!   Specifically?  Night Lords!  I got them from Green Feevah in one of a trillion trades shuffling things around.  I had his old Nids, he wanted them back, so I took his marines.  I figured, what's the difference if they are both going to be languishing in a corner.   I pulled them out, Night Lords, some Berserkers, some terminators, other bits and bobs and headed down to play Doompickle's Orks down at the local store.

In the end I had a whole pile of fun playing an army I never play based on inspiration from a really great novel.  Now that is what good gaming is all about!

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