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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Diving Right Into Things!

Hey guys so I did an intro post yesterday and gave a couple pictures of Krell. Ive had alot of time on my hands lately to paint so I managed to finish Krell's re-creator Heinrich Kemmler! So Ill post a couple pictures of him halfway done as well as completed. As well since I dont want to bombard the blog with multiple threads I will include a couple other pictures of some other pieces from my VCs.

So Heinrich is my 4th finecast model that I have painted. Compared to Krell he has less texture detail yet more object detail if that makes any sense. Basically things on Krell such as his cape has lots of texture on the cape itself so more ragged, rough cut and whatnot, where as Heinrich is a little more smooth cut but Heinrich's model contains more objects, so more things like chains, hair, little nick nacks here and there.

I chose to paint these two for a couple of reasons, I do have them in my roster for our upcoming tournament Coulee Carnage, as well if any of you vampire fans havent read or dont know some of the newer fluff and rules,  they are sorta like master and creator. In small Krell was an unmatched warrior in the days of barbaric tribes before the empire (1500 years ago or so) he was also marked by the blood god Khorne. In eventual, Krell gets slain they lock him up in a barrow hidden far in the mountains and 1500 years later Heinrich stumbles upon his resting place. At this time the spirit of Nagash helps Heinrich to resurrect Krell to help with the cause. Now rulewise, Krell and Heinrich are old characters in older VC books, but have recently been re-added to the roster in our new book. Krell is a standard cut and dry white king with 4 wounds, better initiative (I5). He has the standard Killing blow rule as well as some others. He has no ward save, 4+ armor save conferred by armor that destroys magical weapons from saved wounds on Krells part. He has the black axe of Krell which was in the last book but can slightly perform better. Still has the "Bleed rule" (wounded models who dont die from the axe every turn after must roll d6 if they roll over the amount of wounds they have left they take another with no armor saves) in the OLD book the black axe did 2 wounds. In the new it does D3, so potential for more or less than last book. Krell's biggest compliment though, is when Heinrich is in the same unit he has Heroic Killing Blow in challenges. They gave him 4 wounds, so hes likely to hang around a challenge for more than a round giving you more chances to roll those 6's against lords and heroes that dont fit the qualifications to have their head split in two by just normal killing blow.

On the Heinrich side of things, Heinrich is a lvl 4 master necromancer with the loremaster vampire rule. Now
Ive heard much debate whether he is a waste of points or not but in my findings by the time you trick a master necro out to be even somewhat close to what heinrich is, your already at 300 pts. What heinrich offers is the choice to be ethereal or fly every turn, +1 to all dispels rolls, Tomb blade which revives whatever model type of unit he is in per wound, confers HKB to Krell in challenges, LOREMASTER, as well as his staff makes enemy units within 12 declare all magical items in that unit. So works good for finding out units with no magic weapons so you can throw ethereal Heinrich into challenges. Heinrich is also strength and toughness 4, has 3 attacks in close combat. So he is quiet viable whether to ethereal challenge tie up or just provide 3 str 4 attacks from the units front line.

Anyways enough talk, onto the pictures.

So I did a picture of what Heinrich looked like about halfway through, Again I need to do more pictures to do justice but having a really tough time with the casio camera lol. Either way more to come, and thats all for now thanks for reading.


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