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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Onslaught wrap up!

Onslaught ended up being one heck of an event.  Well run and organized, very timely, packed.  They gave away a ton of door prizes, really great prizes for all the winners and even let us running tournaments talk about them.  Ward did a wonderful job and I look forward to coming back in October for their next event.   As a matter of fact I may even try for the Out of the Basement tournament in July having liked the Edmonton scene so much.

As for my own placing, I ended up 8th overall out of 30ish some players.  I thought I might have done better but after hearing results from other players, I am quite pleased.

What did I learn?  Never give up with Ogres.  They are more resilient then one would think, able to weather storms and hit right back.  Of course, being stubborn helps.   Ogre chaff is great!  My cats and gnoblars did an excellent job all game.   Even throwing my ironblaster in the way was great as it's tough enough to last a turn, allowing my other units to finish their jobs.

Slaughtermaster:  I am gonna look at his build a bit.  The Fencers Blade/Glittering Scale combo wasn't bad but the lack of a real ward save hurt him.   People would just push a ton of attacks onto him if they wanted to kill him or ignore him and kill the unit, running them down.  STILL... he was invaluable.  Lore of the Maw synchs just perfectly with Ogres.

BSB:  I really liked his build!  The crown of command is almost game breaking and I could see it comped in events.  It allowed me to stick in fights.  Bruisers are still pretty darned tough in combat, able to dish out and take in equal measure.

Firebelly:  I had real reservations about him, but he's turning out to be pretty awesome.  His selection of spells are pretty good.  I am really starting to like Lore of Fire.  He was just so "fragile"... in an ogre sense.  Only T5 with no armor so a dedicated combat guy kills him fast.

Bulls:  They are a trick, admittedly.  Full Command, 2 characters, make a unit split it's attacks up.  Still, they did good damage and helped me through plenty of times.

Ironguts:  Awesome!  10 Ironguts is soooo dangerous.  People could not believe the amount of punishment they delivered.  I couldn't see playing at all competitive without them.   They won whole games on their own.

Gnoblars:  Why not!  Love 'em!

Sabretusks:  Every army ever needs these cats.  Soooooo amazing and multifaceted.  They are seriously the best unit in the book pt for pt.

Ironblaster:  Now that I have the hang of it, I like it a lot.  It usually died to a big unit, but would cannonball sometime off the table.  Plus it can move around, getting where it's most effective.

Mournfang:  Like the ironblaster, once you figure these guys out they are monsters!  They destroyed 3 units of undead in one game.  So many attacks.  I can see people hate them though.  Probably wouldn't take more then 1 unit if I can.

So there, some quick thoughts on the tournament and my army.  Definitely going to try some new things with the army.  Want to try Yhettees.  Also want to try a Hunter with as many cats as he can get.   Stonehorn too!

And please comment and let us now whatcha think!

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