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Saturday, 27 October 2012

New Light Box, New Pictures!

So right after I posted, I got to work on my light box.  It's kind of a shoddy box, but it'll do.  And I need to come up with higher powered light solutions, as my pictures turned out kind of dark.  Not to mention that our camera is a piece of crap and wouldn't focus, so I had to take all the pictures with my cell phone.  So not the most auspicious start, but hey; in a pinch and all that.

So, wothout further ado, let me show you my work over the last several months.  I honestly thought I had more done than this, but then I remembered I traded off my Dwarfs, where I'd done a bunch more work, I stripped an entire Necron army, started painting it, then sold it (don't care for the Necrons), did a little work on my High Elves, but I'm going to save them for another post, and was out for a while from some big surgery.  Plus a full-time job.  Blah, blah, blah, you're not here for my life's story, you're here for the pictures!

We'll start off with my test models for a Vampire Counts army.

More after the jump:

Then some terrain, the now-almost-mandatory Aegis Defense Line.

I couldn't remember if I took pictures of my Trollbloods.  They're a little chipped.

 I also continued working on my Eldar.  Some Rangers (almost done but basing and highlighting the blacks).

And my first squad of Storm Guardians.  Just need to base them.

 I also did more work on my 'secret' Marine project.  The one I was doing while Wallshammer was doing his Silver Skulls.  I need to finish all of these, basing on everything for sure, plus the second combat squad of terminators and the Lascannon, back banner and Plasma Gunner from the Tactical squad need finishing.  Oh, and the other 2 ten-man squads.  And the Attack Bikes.  And the Dreadnought.  And the Terminator Librarian (who's in the mail).

I also did more work on my Orks, finishing my first Killa Kan squad, and getting a good head start on my Dakkajet.

But now for the big reveal.  After my stint in the hospital, 6th edition 40k came out.  I decided to do a new army.  I was further motivated by a tournament that was coming up.  Now I know what you're thinking.  "What have you done with Green Feevah evil doppelganger?!  Green Feevah hates tournaments!" (Okay, let's face it; you're thinking 'Meh', but I can dream).  It's true I do hate tournaments.  They bring out the worst in players.  But I couldn't resist.  The guy running the tournament has a history of running his mouth and being huge power gamer.  He set up this tournament with no painting requirements, because, and I quote "People won't have time to paint up a new unit or two for the tournament because 6th just came out".  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  So, just to show him what a lame excuse that was, I painted an entire 1500 point Space wolves army before the tournament.  I even finished with three days to spare.

We start with some extra Wolf Guard I painted and didn't use.

Plus some Fenrisian Wolves that again weren't in the final list.

 These are actually some objective markers I'm doing for a paint and play league we're doing right now. These are the Reaper miniature 'Murder of Crows" models, and I couldn't have thought of better objective markers.  Found them in a nearby store for 5 bucks, too.

I painted this second Rune Priest.  I'm probably never going to use him, but I always liked the model.

 My wolf Lord, and first Finecrap model.  I'll be looking online for old metal models from this point.  This was an insanely bad cast, but the closest GW store is a 2-hour drive now, so it wasn't like I could just return it.  I know I've ranted about GW before, but seriously, they should be ashamed of this product.  But they're too busy laughing at all the money their making because idiots pay extortion-level prices for their crappy products.  Luckily my total cost on this model: $11.00 .  $10.00 for a damaged Tyrion model off eBay (again Finecrap), and a $1.00 price difference when I finally made the trip to the big city to exchange him for the Lord (seriously, that Tyrion model was missing an entire foot, from the middle of the calf... SHAME I TELLS YA!)

A full pack of Thunderwolves.  Everyone at the club is terrified of them, yet they seem to die every game I play them in.  I don't see the big deal myself.  But I do LOVE the models.

I did Rhinos for every Grey Hunter squad.  I should also point out that most of this was bought off eBay, usually in bits, so it didn't cost me nearly as much as retail GW prices.  Please, I beg you, shop around when you buy GW stuff.  There is ALWAYS a cheaper option.

I will, over the next week, be converting all my rhinos to have Forge World doors.  Again, eBay is a Godsend.  I'll post pics of the other three tanks once I finish them.  I'm also adding Dozer Blades.  Such a handy upgrade, which I'll talk about more tomorrow in my new Space Marine Tactica for 6th edition.

This is the Rune Priest I used for the Tournament and his Chooser of the Slain.  I got the metal Rune Priest at a discount rack at a local hobby shop.  The post is from my Fantasy terrain, and the Raven from a Rackham model I got for 5 bucks.

My Lone Wolf wasn't used in the tournament either, but he was also painted after the tournament.  Originally I had him equipped with a storm bolter and mark of the wulfen, but recently switched him to a thunder hammer.  I haven't had any luck with mark of the wulfen, so I'm hoping the hammer does a better job.  Plus it looks cool!

My scouts, converted from some space marine scouts I got in the deal of a lifetime.  My wife works at Value Village and gets 1/2 off any purchases.  So guess who got an entire Assault on Black Reach (minus the three Deffkoptas, fully painted, but not well), and a full Space Marine Battleforce (minus the Rhino, again painted), 25 more Orks, and a GW storage case all for 35 bucks?  BOO YAH!  I love my wife.

This is the fourth Grey Hunter squad, almost finished except for the base and the banner.  I'm getting to that soon-ish.

One of the three finished squad, these three were all in the tournament list.

And another.  Those Wulfen models are converted from Space Wolves, Marauder and Vampire Ghoul bits.

And the third.  The banners were all hand painted.  Bits ordered from eBay.

Here's all the banners together.  They really are the showcase pieces of the army.

My Long Fangs squad, also in the tournament list.  I really wanted to have the new-style backpacks to make them stand out more than just being a Marine with a big gun.

So there you have it.  Everything I've done in the last several months.  I'll post up more when I get more done.

Speaking of which, Wallshammer found out I'm posting again, because I promised him I'd take pics of his models.  It was fun while it lasted.  I'm going to go take his pics now.  Later!

Oh, and I'll post pics for Fear's stuff soon.

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  1. Man, the face on the terminator sgt is like... perfect. Love it.