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Sunday, 28 October 2012

WAAAAGH! Pictures!

Now that Old Man Feevah took some pictures of my army in his new light box, let's show 'em off.   Speaking of which, he should do a tutorial on how he built his.  It's pretty neat.

Come on in!
Now, first thing is first.  Green Feevah is a practiced artist.  He has a degree in it!  He's very meticulous, steady, exact, organized.   He knows the science.  Me?  I just paint.  By feel mostly and I think it shows in my style.  It's not the cleanest so don't expect his quality in this stuff.   Still, I like it.

If you have followed this blog for anytime or went into the archives, I've been painting orks for a while now.  It started with a tournament, then another and now a league.  They are an absolute blast to play, which I really like.   Win or lose I can generally have fun... generally.   The following is my entire painted collection minus 3 deffkoptas I forgot to bring.  Still, they are in the archives so go check them out.   I had six, but traded three to my nephews for unpainted ones.   Yeah, my nephews are playing now too.  At ten and eight that's pretty cool.

And off we go!

First up, the jet.  Everyone has to have a flyer after all!

The jet is magnetized so it can be either a dakkajet or a blitzabomma.   The bombs are magnetized as are the two guns on the nose.  As well a machine gun can be removed/inserted on the back cupola.

Battlewagons galore!  And by galore I mean two.   The above is my older one.  Below is my newer one I made for the last tournament I played in (got second!).  Kilkannon on top but removable and lots of dakka!  The kit is really, really awesome and with the addition of the battlewagon upgrade kit, you got a ton of bitz to do all kinds of stuff with.   Ork meks love this!

Every good warboss knows an army needs to get places.  As you can tell by my paint scheme, I assume you can anyhow, I am doing more a speed freeks/evil sunz style army.   Lots of fast stuff.  Trukks are obviously fast.  They are also Green Feevah's absolute favorite GW kit and for good reason.  It's jam packed full of stuff and looks awesome.  I have two more on the go.  When I get to them is another question but I have them!

What do you do when you have a Leman Russ chassis lying around, lots of bitz and an extra battlewagon turret?  A looted wagon, that's what!   It's a very simple conversion but I really dig it.

And of course, the ubiquitous HQ shot!   Thee different style warbosses and a big mek.  All except the normal Warboss are fairly new.   Also, Ork Warbosses might be my favorite unit in the entire game.

Group shot!  Smile!

And what would a pile of tournament cheese be without nob bikers? 

And with the Warboss attached.   Honestly, bikes are such an important part of the speed freekz army I couldn't do without them.  That and they look really cool.

This little fella isn't even a Games Workshop model.  It comes from this little company called Mantic.   It's part of their Marauders army.  There is actually supposed to be an orx (their name) on the back but their models are so different I didn't like it.   This baby has taken on a mythology all of it's own after a huge team game where it just wouldn't die.

Speaking of dakka!

Yes, there are only seven of them.  Not three units of ten like every ork warboss ever apparently.   I don't need lootas when I have these guys!:

The nobz were one of my first units I ever did for this army.  Really, really fun unit.  I think the Nob kit might be my favorite ork kit.   

Next up are some speciality units.  Burnas, of course.   Another great kit in a line of great ork kits.

Kommandoes!  And yes, this is an entire metal unit.   

This fella at the forefront is my Snikrot conversion.  I was going to use him in the escalation league but when I saw the absolute GLUT of special characters being used by everyone I decided against it and went with the "plain ole" nob.   Special characters... ugh... a topic for another day.

Grots!  Every good warboss knows they win you the game.   

And, the boyz!  Two units of thirty.  One has helmets and checkers, the other has mostly bare heads and dags.   These were the first big units I did for this army and have seen a lot of battles.

And another growing large unit, this time shootas.  I should build more and bring it up to thirty.

And, as you may have noticed, no army shot.  Have you seen how many models I have above?!  It might actually be impossible to do a decent army shot unless I stood really far back or had a panoramic camera.  Just scroll through the pictures fast.  Maybe that will do the trick.

Until next time... COMMENT!

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