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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Aegis Defense Line Tactica

Wth a very sick wife taking up most of my attention, my painting is sadly not getting done, and I only have a few minutes to post.  So I figured I'd tackle a no-brainer: the Aegis Defense Line.

More after the break:

This ubiquitous piece of fortification, in my opinion, is almost mandatory right now, ESPECIALLY for armies that don't have their own fliers, which is almost every army I play.  I look at it like this: I had a Dreadnought in my Space Marine army, with twin-twin-linked autocannons.  He cost 125 points, and rarely made it through the fight.  A Space Wolves Dreadnought would cost the same.  And of course that is bare minimum. No drop pod, no Venerable upgrade, nothing.  Just a stock Dreadnought with 2 twin-linked autocannons.

Now let's take a look at the Aegis Defense Line, with my mandatory upgrade, the Twin-linked Autocannon battery.  It's 25 points less than that Dreadnought.  And it can fire at Fliers at regular ballistic skill.  And can fire at an enemy reserve unit in the enemy's movement phase.  And it's got a toughness value which means it can't be killed in a single shot.  And 2 wounds.  And an armour save. And a cover save if you place it in some terrain.  FOR 25 POINTS LESS.  This isn't a good deal... this is worst example of GW's 'game balance' I can think of.  Here we have 100 points of force multiplier.  What's force multiplier (for the uninitiated)?  It's something that makes the rest of your army better.  You see, in addition to the items already mentioned above, it also comes with almost 3 feet of 4+ cover.  Cover that gives the guys behind it a 2+ save if they go to ground.  It gives vehicles behind it a 4+ cover save, because of it's height.  This thing isn't amazing... IT'S INSANE!

Name me anything else in the game that for 100 points can deal with fliers, deep strikers, out-flankers (all outside of your turn no less), is still viable on your turn, gives over half of your backfield a great cover save (since most cover got nerfed to 5+) and can prevent a lot of the devastation from those pesky 'alpha strike' armies like Guard?  What's that?  You can't?  I'll tell you why... there isn't anything.  Nothing in the game gives your army so much for so little.

Here's another point to consider:  You may be '100 points less' in your army, but in the Purge the Alien Scenario, you've just denied your opponent a victory point.  Because the Defense Line can't be destroyed.  Sure you can take out the gun, but the deal is the entire unit has to be destroyed to count as a victory point, and the Defense Line ignores that.  So there's 100 points of your army that other guy can't touch.  It's crazy.

And how do you work this low, low-costed miracle?  Simple.  Stick someone on the gun who wasn't going to fire anyways.  I love my Rune Priest for this.  He casts buff spells (sorry, psychic powers...) on my army, and uses his shooting phase to man the gun.  If I get a flier or something in reserve, I lost my shooting phase, but he wasn't going to shoot if the gun wasn't there, so technically I've lost nothing.

Marine Chapter Masters do it better.  You fire in your turn, he bring on reserve in his (1st or second, depending on drop pods), you fire in his movement phase, then in your next shooting phase, while your gun is recharging, or whatever, you drop your orbital bombardment.  Chances are you're only going to shoot in one of your enemy's phases, unless the guy is a total jerk and brings a ton of fliers, so on that turn you're losing shots from the autocannon, you're still in the fight by dropping a tactical nuke on something.

Other great options for manning a Defense Line?  Farseers.  They typically don't shoot or fire offensive psychic powers, so they are free to man the guns.  The latter half of a Devastator Squad.  It's like getting 2 more heavy weapons in that squad... but better!  Word to the wise though: don't let your Devastator (or Long Fang) sergeants man the gun.  they have useful abilities that require them not to fire anything.  Use a feeb marine instead.  Or grots... who are amazing.  A cheap ten-strong squad costs almost nothing, and mans that gun at BS 3, which is very hard to come by in the Ork list. 

Obviously my advice is centered on the four armies I play, but the advice is universal.  Get someone who otherwise isn't contributing a lot, put him on the gun, have him shoot at stuff, BAM more long-range threat for ANY army.  That's the thing that just really kills me about the thing: any army can take it.  Except Tyranids.  Boy, GW must really, REALLY hate bugs...

*And again I steal from Google Images, but you have to admit, these are pretty cool defense lines!*


  1. The unit I hate more then any. I think I hate people relying on these more then special characters.

    It slows down and makes for a boring game in my experience. People tend to hunker down behind them and not die.

    Strategically and efficiently... perfect. Best pt for pt thing in the game by far. But regardless I still think they are THE biggest crutch in the game right now. After using one in the league I hated them even more. I just hid behind them. Everyone else that had one did and does the same.

    So is it more point efficient then other units? Yes. Is it perfect anti flyer? Yes. Is it good for the game? No.

    I want to hear the justification that special characters suck but this doesn't!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, troll much?

  3. Actually you can. You are basically insulting the original poster who is supposed to be your friend by insulting everything he just said. So maybe you're not trolling your blog but you sure are the people on it.

  4. I am disagreeing. Big difference. Like we are now, or are you trolling? :)

  5. If you want the perfect unit to man the defense line with an Icarus Cannon, look no further then a Dark Reaper Exarch with a full reaper unit and farseer attached making sure you give the exarch a tempest launcher, fast shot and crack shot. Every turn you fortune/guide the squad and just kill your enemies by the droves with the tempest launcher. Then when your opponent brings on his flyer/skimmer from reserves you hit it with a double shot lascannon at BS5 thanks to fast shot. It has the punch the quad gun lacks, costs 15pts less and the reaper squad is crazy durable with a re-rollable 3+/4++. On any turn where the Exarch is firing the tempest launcher just fire the lascannon with the Farseer. Good times had by everyone other then your opponent!

    Also, I think you guys might be overstating its overall usefulness just a bit too much. I mean, its good, but its also 100pts of your army that isnt scoring, attacking independantly, etc. I think defense lines are 100% play style based as they really dont fit with certain armies (like a defense line for a super mobile DE army?). There are lots of other places for you to fit in decent AA or you can make tough foot slogging armies that can basically just ignore most flyers. Another thing to think about is that 5 of the 6 missions for 6th are objective based, which means you need to go out and capture them, something a "bunkering down gunline" cant do very well.

    Biggest thing with 40k is everything goes in cycles, so while the defense line right now looks like the biggest no brainer choice, that will change soon once everyone gets used to this edition and more army books come out. Hell, in 11 games of 6th ed I havent faced a single fortification yet lol.

    @ Wallshammer: You really should try to be more flexible and open minded in your thinking in regards to 40k (well...any game lol). I used to be super hard line on how I approached 40k in regards to what is OP, not OP, fun, not fun, etc. Like I HATED how Grey Knights, Guard and Space Wolves were set up because of how much better they were then everyone else. So lately I just dont care what people take, dont care if they have special characters (although, honestly, I cant think of a single one that is a "crutch" or does something a regular HQ cant). The game is significantly more fun for me now. I actually go out of my way to fight the most broken stuff I can. Like the other day I played a game against the new Flamers and Screamers which are no contest the two most powerful units in the game thanks to the new update and it was BY FAR the most fun I had in 6th ed (game was crazy back and forth and ended in a tie). Its so early in 6th who is to say what is OP, what is broken? Like the Sentry Box is running a 20 person 40k tournament that is just allowing everything (allies, fortifications and Forge World) just so see how everything goes down. Cant wait and you should go! (Being run by Paul Ting). Moral of the story, relax, have fun :)

    PS. Trolling your own blog is very acceptable...I do it all the time lol.

  6. I am actually fairly open. Normally. I just hate the defence line lately, but that's definitely a local thing. It's made for some really bad games both that I participated in and watched.

    I do think there's a time for super hardcore tourney play and casual play though. Not saying they can't overrun each other, but it's definitely in the social contract to explain how a game is gonna be handled. Both players should really agree to how they are gonna play.

    Except in a tournament. You SHOULD be bringing your hardest armies, your winning mindset and give very little if any ground. I am also glad to see Paul's gonna use everything. It's about time a tournament did. Allies and Fortifications are a basic part of the game now. Forge World is also not nearly as bad as everyone wants to think, at least recently. It's really improved in the past few years and if anything, tends to be a bit overcosted.

    I was actually toying with doing the tourney, but am having knee surgery now so probably won't be able to drive up.

    As for your statement about the defence line, I AM starting to turn the page a bit. I read a good op/ed piece that mirrored your thoughts. So yeah, it's not that it's OP, it's that it can make the game boring, REALLY BORING, in the wrong hands.

    Also, super glad you are reading!

  7. Yeah, forge world is super tame compared to most codices these days, so apart from 1 or 2 of the "40k Approved" units there is no reason why they wouldnt be legal in games/tournaments.

    I gotta say, here in Calgary I see no difference in the competitiveness in games between tournaments and casual games. People just bring the same lists regardless (which I dont mind). They always seem to be pretty middle of the road. It just seems like a super laid back atmosphere here. Like none of the lists I faced at the Team OP tournament were event remotely "hard".

    As far as the "Boring" comment that is something I can totally understand as playing against an army that just sets up and rolls dice is negative fun. People castling like that is actually why my Tyranid's play-style is the way it is. My army is totally designed for bunker busting. Like Ymgarls, trygons, mawlocs, flying Tyrants and Harpies with maybe a Doom of Malantai or Zoans. My whole focus is making sure I am dictating the game to my opponent even though they have the defense line. I find that any army I make whether it be for DE, Nids, Eldar or Necrons (my 4 armies) always has some element that can reach out and touch someone as it where. Makes for a more fun game, regardless of what your opponent is bringing :)

  8. You've really, really got me thinking, man. I got an op/ed brewing in my head about what you're saying. Really opening my mind a bit. Not all the way one way... but I got some thoughts I will put down on "paper" about gaming. About list building and playing. Basically, what does it come down to: the list or the player.


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