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Saturday, 10 November 2012

"Completed" Steam Tank

Another Empire unit done and painted!   I even took pictures of the progress when I remembered.  I thought it would be fun coming back and looking at the progress.   Come inside and join our journey.

Here's the original picture I had.  It had been sitting in this state for quite a while now.

I touched up the metals.  I was going to keep it dark but figured the engineer had a penchant for car washes.  

I wonder, in hindsight, if I shouldn't have done the woods earlier in the process.   Basically worked down from brown, adding in some old bronzed flesh for the orange-ish tint.  I tied stuff together with washes.   I am trying to figure out how to do wood properly.  When you look at real lumber it's not really pure brown.   There are elements of grey and such always.  If you got tips, shoot them our way.

Purple and yellow are SO good together.  Just a great contrast.   Ostermark is generally quartered so I used the turret as the top half.  I was originally going to only do the main chassis, but as always, changed my mind in mid paint.

Easy highlighting here.  Add white to the yellow, grey to the purple.  I remember reading once how you should add grey to the purple instead of white to avoid looking pink.  Seems like it worked.

And a side shot.

And the base.   Nothing fancy, but in the end the tank covers the entire thing anyhow.

And, the whole shebang.

Not sure what's next... as usual.  But keep tuned and we'll see!

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  1. Wow! I think the quartering on the turret looks great, good choice! At least the opponent can revel in its beauty before being steamrolled by a couple tons of yellow and purple.