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Monday, 12 November 2012

TOP 10!: Chaff units

Inspired by Bad Dice Daily, I figured I'd do my own top 10.

Bad Dice Daily is a great little podcast by the way.  Short, very informative bits about whatever pops into Ben Curry's mind.  Check it out on iTunes!

Now, inside for the list!

Everyone knows I am the chaff master. I love chaff units, redirectors and flankers. Here's my top 10! Hopefully people can use this when creating armies or even just for friendly conversation.

10. Gnoblars: With trappers, these lil fellas become really scary! Perhaps way more then people think, but still, taking dangerous terrain checks on units of expensive infantry is never an enviable task.

9. Razorgor: What's not to like? Movement 7, S and T 5, 3 wounds. They're actually better then a single Ogre and only come in at 55pts. They're amazing assassins too, using them as a bullet to run in and kill a squishy mage.

8. Skinks: Skirmishers with poison weapons. Beautiful. They make great screeners for the rest of the Lizardmen army and are super, super mobile.

7. Spirit Host: Undead chaff! You'd think they'd suck because they can't flee, but you'd be wrong. They have the very large potential of holding up units, allowing flank charges or for you to avoid them completely. Four Wounds and a M6 make them really, really underrated in the vampire list.

6. Single Characters: This is REALLY slept on here. People are too worried about losing a hero or a champ in combat or not having them in combat and making them distract people. Anyone remember my child molesting pegasus knight? Yes, you certainly do. Why? Because he did his job! There are SO many ways to make nearly unkillable characters right now. Lizardmen can do it awesomely, so can dark elves, amongst plenty others. Even Wood Elves have builds that are just great. They might actually do it the best. Bloodcrusher champions also fit into this category as you can take them on their own. Just make sure they are survivable, that's the key. They don't need to kill, they need to redirect and/or hold. That's why you use chaff.

5. Empire Archers: A personal favorite. They have some shooting, are skirmishers so really hard to catch, are cheap and are always ignored since they don't do so much damage. Unless you park them just to make the opponent chase them and not be able to charge your unbuffed state troop unit. You don't need to look impressive to be impressive.

4. Mangler Squig: The deadliest of all chaff. They aren't the usual chaff with redirecting. Instead, you are trying to avoid this bugger because if he catches you, you're in big trouble. Just so, so damaging and game changing even with one on the table.

3. Great Eagle: For me a key with chaff is speed. Who is faster then fliers? The Great Eagle is really tough, really fast. Should be in any army that can take them... and you should take 2!

2. Harpies: Another flying unit. Other then speed and skirmishing, they are so cheap you don't feel bad sacrificing them to a mangler or fanatic.

1. Sabretusk; 21 points. T4, 2 wounds, 3 attacks, M8. They're practically fliers. SO GOOD.

Questions? Comments? Let's hear em!

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  1. Hellstriders of Slaanesh are so chaff they're anti chaff.