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Monday, 26 November 2012

Injury report!

Don't worry fans, we're still here.  Or at least, I am!  I am just a few days out of the hospital from knee surgery.

Come inside for the details.

It doesn't look like much, admittedly, but this is a few days after.   I had my knee scoped and in the process had a lateral knee release to move my kneecap into the right place and they cleaned up a TON of scar tissue and damaged cartiliage.  To say I've lived a physical life is an understatement.  A dozen years of martial arts, nine or ten wrestling all over the place and just general wear and tear of being on your feet for nine or ten hours a day working my nine to fiver.

The surgery itself was okay, but the day itself was one of the most horrible experieces of my life.  First of all, it was an hour drive to another town in Canadian winter weather.  It was in another town so they could do the surgery while I still could walk.   The nurses were inept as can be and nearly killed my putting in an IV of all things.  

Attempt 1:  Didn't work, started swelling when they missed the vein.  
Attempt 2:  Tried, didn't find a vein
Attempt 3:  A new nurse tried, missed the vein and my hand started SWELLING with saline fluid.  I mean, it was visibly getting larger like a balloon.  It hurt as bad as anything I've experienced.  Definitely a 9 or 10 out of 10 on the pain chart.  Just agonizing.  Then I started getting nauseous and dizzy as they tried number 4 on the other hand.   I told them how bad it hurt... and then woke up a while later.   My heart rate crashed into the 30's and my blood pressure was 90/50 or so.  My wife was right there too and didn't like it one bit.
Attempt 4:  Obviously I passed out and it never happened.
Attempt 5:  A new nurse, I assume the head nurse, came in and did it in my arm and easily.  Thank god.

I ended up on oxygen and a heart monitor while they kept giving my fluids.   I assume I passed out because of the pain.  It was that bad.  I woke up sweating all over and didn't feel right the rest of the day.

So I went into surgery and was going to get an epidural.  They sat me up and the above happened again.  Started feeling sick, got dizzy, on the verge of passing out.  So they opted for a general and I went under for the surgery.

It actually happened again in the recovery room.  I started feeling sick but kept it down and was just groggy as all hell all day, night and the next day.   

That was Wednesday.  I am able to walk a SMALL but without crutches but it's uncomfortable.  I still can't do stairs and it's fairly tiring just trying to be active around the house getting food or letting the dog outside.

So... that's why I haven't posted anything recently.  The other guys have no excuse.  Well they do... video games... but that doesn't count.

I guess I win the Noveldar challenge at least!  =)


  1. Wow, that sounds absolutely dreadful. I've had some dodgy IV experiences, but nothing like that. Yikes. Well, at least it's over now!

  2. Yeah, it was pretty awful. But it's getting me painting since I can't do a lot more right now. Currently working on some grots and some terrain. Hopefully I can get pics of all that up soon. Plus I've been re-basing some of my Empire stuff to make it look coherent.

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