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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Little Longer Wait on Those Pics

I screwed up my camera work when taking pictures of Fear's Vampires and Tyranids.  So I'm going to need to re-shoot them.  In the meantime, I'll at least show you the crappy pics I took of his Tyranids.  The Vampires were just a straight up mess.  So my apologies to Fear and to The Chaos Kid, who both put in the time on this project.  I'm going to try to get my regular camera working so I can take pictures with the tripod instead of my really shaky hands.  I'll start with his Trygon:

More after the break:

 Winged Hive Tyrant:



The ever-feared Death Leaper:

Hive Guard:


Ymgarl Genestealers:

His first squad of Genestealers:

His second squad of Genestealers:

These Tyranids are now in The Chaos Kid's hands now, much as Fear's Vampires are in my hands.  We're a community... we share.

So I'll try to get the camera working so I can take more steady pictures, and probably get my wife to help me with the focus.  These pain pills I'm on are kicking my ass.


  1. What happened? Maybe I should have been taking these pictures there Jitters. Kidding, but seriously, I promise these actually look good in person!

    Maybe one day I'll win a game with these bugs.

  2. Maybe... or not!

    Colors do look a little washed out or something. Then again I always think everything looks way better in person. He did a lot of quality work, glad it's being made permanent... even if he never ever posts or shows up for games or anything.

  3. Nah, between all the pain pills I'm taking, and the weakness in my hands from pain I'm taking the pills for, my cameramanship is terrible. Like I said, I'm going to try this again. With better lighting, a real camera and a tripod.

  4. I'm not sure what they look like in person, but from here they look like they are under a blacklight or something. Seriously, like horror show stuff (and I mean that in a creepy sense, not poorly painted.)

    Seriously, I'm kind of wondering how I could paint something like that now. Your bad photography is strangely inspiring. :-)