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Monday, 19 November 2012

What's next?

Hey guys!

Seeing as I really haven't really posted any hobby stuff here yet at Hobby At All Costs, I figured I could post a teaser of what I'll be working on next.

I know, I know. Why is this guy posting pictures of grey plastic? I'm just excited about these models. Really, really happy about them actually. And although what I really should be doing is painting up the rest of my Tzeentch warriors, with all these new models that recently came out for Warriors of Chaos, I'll be focusing on the new Skullcrushers among other things.

Read inside for more updates:

Note: Ignore my terrible attempt at making a light friendly backdrop for the models, I probably shouldn't have wasted my time.

While finishing up the 'Crushers will be my top priority, the beautiful new centerpiece of my army will be getting magnetized for all four marks (even though I'll only ever use Tzeentch or no mark, to be honest) and the rider. The Warshrine! This thing is huge. Like really, really big. It dwarfs my Tyranid Trygon, and comes toe to toe with the Mortis Engine. I had no idea how large this model was. The amount of detail on the Warshrine is crazy, and this picture really doesn't do it any justice. For some reason this model recieved a lot of flak when we first saw pictures of it, but in person it's really quite amazing. I'll take it over to Green Feevah!'s place for proper photography when I get some color on it.

Green Feevah! probably hates me for this, but I really love the rules for Valkia and Festus. I have played Festus in a few games and he always performs well, the extra 45 points (on top of a regular Level 2 Nurgle sorcerer) are totally worth it for conferring Poisoned Attacks and Regeneration (5+) to the unit. Stick him in some AHW Khorne Warriors and lol. Valkia, I have yet to play as she is quite expensive. But her rules are different and quite powerful. Str 7 w/KB on the charge and she strips a Strength off of any attack directed at her; really cool. I have a 3000p. List loosely based on the White Dwarf WoC list that I want to try which includes both of these Special Characters. Conveniently Gee Dubs released some AMAZING models for my favorite characters.

Festus is gorgeous. Horrifying and discustingly breathtaking. I have to say that this is the first Finecast model I've not had a single problem with. It was a perfect cast, and a crazy detailed one to boot. I'm super excited to get him painted up. I usually paint Khornate so some pustules and rot might do me some good. Papa Nurgle will be proud.

Valkia is just awesome. She was so good at killing that Khorne brought her back to life when she died JUST so she could kill more. Another super detailed and relatively good Finecast model. I guess I got lucky. Also super excited to paint this one up.

Thanks for checking in, come back and next time maybe I'll have some color on something.. I hope.


  1. Having seen all these models in person now, each one would be an absolute joy to paint. Their new finecrap stuff MIGHT be turning a corner, though the plastic clampack characters are simply untouchable in the GW line right now.