Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Disaster Strikes!

I've been gone for a bit.  I know, I know, bad painter!  But life sometimes kicks you in the ass.

Like tonight.

I was finally feeling a little more like myself (I'm on a bunch of pain pills for my neck that have made me a little loopy), and I sat down to paint, thinking "I'm really far behind on Noveldar... I need to get something done".  And I was making good progress... until Disaster Struck!

Out of nowhere, a hinge on my painting table busted, causing my entire station to flip towards me, spilling my paint water, and an open pot of flesh wash, all over my models and my lap.

Not cool.

So I'm going to spend tomorrow trying to recover my models.  Then I'm going to post the pictures me and the Kid took of Fear's models.  Then I'm going to declare Noveldar officially over.  Then I'm going to show you another project I'm going to work on.

But for now, I'm done painting tonight.  It would take the rest of the night just to clean off my paint pots and set up a new painting station on my coffee table.



  1. That, basically, could not sound shittier.

  2. That, really and truly sucks the big one.