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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Reiksguard Done!

I HAVE been painting as well!

After getting these done I realized just how much metal is on them.   They are also a giant pain in the ass to line up.  That's what I get for trying to refurbish old, used models.   Still, it's another unit done for my Empire!

Come inside and see more

And in other news:  I am getting knee surgery on Wednesday so will probably not be posting for a couple days.   The rest of the slackers better.  I get challenged to Noveldar?  WHO IS POSTING!?  ME!  THAT'S WHO!   Challenge... won!  


Anyhow, I am not sure just how extensive it will be.  I know I won't be traversing stairs so will move my painting upstairs to eat up time as I sit around forever and ever.   That said, I have stuff to do as I am going to a 1500 point 40k tournament at the end of December, very likely taking my orks.   I think I may paint up my grot tanks for it as Forgeworld is allowed.

I am gonna try and get a bit more posted before Wednesday.  Let's hope!

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