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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Noveldar, Day 5

He said let there be progress, and there was progress, and it was good.

Got a lot done today.  How much, you ask?  Two whole squads, that's how much!  Plus I sorted out my next several tasks and laid down some green on the vehicle hulls.

So here is the first squad I finished.  They had quite a bit done on them from Yesterday, but still took a few hours to finish up.

More after the break:

Then I decided to go through my big tub of Eldar and see what was still on-tap.  To that end, I grouped out all my vehicles.  One of my worries going in to this would be that I wouldn't have enough under-slung shuriken catapults... which I didn't.  But I did have just enough of the turret bases (minus 1 that is in the mail), and I still had several shuriken cannons in my bits.  Enough to have catapults on the Night Spinners, and Cannons on the Wave Serpents.  Makes more sense any ways, as it adds a bit of fire-power to an otherwise lackluster transport.  But I was very glad to see I had all the parts I needed to assemble them, as when I got these bad boys in a trade, I didn't check to see if everything was there.  I do still have one big problem though.  The Night Spinner Turrets have no way of attaching to the tanks.  I learned AFTER I bits-ordered the top turrets that there is a new piece that connects them to the hull (stupid me for assuming they still attached by that same old pin), which I do not have.  So my plan right now if to keep searching eBay and bits sites to find that piece, buy one, get it shipped here, and then attempt to cast another 2 of them.  They'll just be white, so painting them won't take more than ten minutes for all three, so I'm not going to count that as a loss for Noveldar if the bits get here late.  Everything else is ready to go, and if I need to, I could fudge it with some tubing I have.

Once I looked through everything, I got back to work on Guardians 41 through 50, my last Storm Guardian squad.  I made some decent progress on them.

Then I decided to take a picture of my 'completed' table.  Obviously I still have basing to do, but I find it easier to do it all at once instead of in-steps.  So her's 40 Guardians, 4 Warlocks and a weapons platform along side 6 Rangers.

Then I figured I might as well take a picture of the other models waiting for completion.  3 War Walkers, 3 Jetbikes (the 4 was with the vehicles pic), my last squad of Guardians (with luck will be finished tomorrow), 2 Warp Spiders, and 5 Farseers (which I forgot to mention yesterday).  Not pictured are 15 Harlequins and Yriel (who I also forgot to mention yesterday).  I'm pretty sure I'm going to leave the Harlequins for dead-last, since I'll probably paint them one at a time.

I got back to painting and finished off squad 5.  Here they are completed:

And here's all of my Guardians together.  The squad in the top right is the last one to do, and has since been moved to my painting table.

After that, I laid down some green on the black hulls of the skimmers, and called it a night.  I've 3 more hulls to do.

There you have it.  A big day of progress.  The plan for tomorrow is to finish that last Guardian squad, then I'll probably do the jetbikes. Or maybe those 2 Warp Spiders, just to get them done.  After that, I'm going to do all those Farseers at once.  Like a big, crazy unit.  Combined with what I already have painted, and that's a lot of Farseers.  Rolling all my psychic powers in Apocalypse is going to take like half an hour a turn.

I can't wait to take a picture of all my Eldar together... FULLY PAINTED!

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