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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

To Special Character or Not To, that's the question!

Let's drum up some conversation from our readers and discuss something near and dear to everyone:  Special Characters.

Some of us hate them, some of us can't do without them.   Why is that?  What sways you either way?   Tonight, on Election Night, make your voice count!

(If it's not actually election night when you read this, pretend it is)

Myself... it's a toss up.  I don't like that they are so preposterously common as to not be special anymore.  But, at the same time, I do always espouse having fun over anything in the game.  Some people find these fun.  If they are playing people who don't mind special characters, then is it actually a problem?   After all, no one forces us to play against them.  We choose to, whether we like to or not.  

So yay or nay and why?


  1. I say just say no. Yes, I'm an old-schooler that way. But most times I find Special Characters are a HUGE crutch (I'm looking at you Eldrad and Lysander), that are only being taken for the easy win. Take a generic and find a way to win win without your under-costed, poorly-thought-out-rules uber unit. Just because GW makes terrible rules doesn't mean you HAVE to exploit all of them.

    Show respect to the guy on the other side of the table.

  2. I can see what you mean by that but it's not always the case. At least in fantasy, it seems like a lot of the characters are just a lot of fun to play around with and see what they can do. I mean sure you could always take a lord and make him do whatever you want to with items, but slap Wulfrik in a unit of marauders and all of the sudden you're compelled to build a fluffy barbarian horde list.

    I think that special characters in 40k and fantasy seem to be two different stories, but from what I've seen so far, they're pretty much something I'll treat myself to every once in awhile for a laugh. Maybe they'll do nothing, maybe they're gonna solo a unit by themselves.. And maybe you took Archaon and your opponent took Karl Franz and you can duke it out it an awesome fluffy duel.

    Best used in moderation I suppose is what I'm getting at.

  3. It's really about the social contract. If your opponent is fine with it, it's fine. If he's not, you don't play them. That also means you bring two lists or don't bring a special character to a pick up game.

    There are, of course, exceptions. Someone playing straight Ravenwing or Deathwing HAVE to have a character. Unfortunately, but it's true.