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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Smackdown in Santa Town

It's coming... WEDNESDAY!

So, for those wondering what the hell I am talking about and who actually clicked to come in and read this post, let me tell you.

It's actually nothing earth shattering.   And there goes all our readers.

Four of us (so far) are getting together for a big game on Wednesday night, Orks vs Imperium.  It'll be myself and Doompickle playing the greenskins vs HAAC's Fear and another fellow playing the Imperium: Marines, Guard and Inquisition.   It's going to be an awesome throwdown.  Totally light hearted fun.  We're bringing egg nog, wearing santa hats, eating Christmas Tree cookies and candy cane donuts and just having fun.   We're aiming at around 6k a side.  Could be more or less depending on what happens.   It's fully painted only, so look for pictures and maybe even a battle report if we can muster it.   I don't believe in doing big games like this or battle reports with grey, unpainted plastic.

So far, here's what I am bringing

3 Warbosses!  1 normal, 1 in mega armour, 1 on a bike.
Big Mek
Nob Bikers
Battlewagon full of Nobz
A Battlewagon with a kilkannon
Looted Wagon with Boom gun
Grot Tanks
Some Deff Koptas
Several mobs of boyz
At least one trukk Boyz squad.
Trukk full of burnas
Snikrot and his kommandoes
Warbuggy or 2

I have, currently, about 3500pts of fully painted Orks.  I think Doompickle has a couple thousand/2500, somewhere in that range, so there's our 6k!   Unbelievably so, my 3500pts is actually legal and even includes an orky defence line.

It's gonna be fun!

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  1. Looks like Green Feevah will be playing his Space Wolves in this too.

    Battle for Armageddon 4: Smackdown in Santa Town!