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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

New 1500pt Ork List

Is this the one?  Is this the list I'll take to the tournament I've been discussing and practicing for on the 29th?  I'm not sure!

It's sort of similar to my last wacky list, but geared more towards a tournament setting.  Well... sort of.  There's no AV 14, no hordes of boys.  But LOTS of firepower as I witnessed tonight in a practice game, this time against foot slogging Nurgle/Noise Marines... or, as Fear called it, the Two Face Army.  

Actually, he should do an article on it.  I think it's an army with some legs.

Anyhow, the sheer amount of Str 5 and 6 was staggering, not to mention several high strength, low AP large blasts I can do.   What's in the list?   Click, enter, and see.

Big Mek:  KFF in a Mek Junka w/ Shokk Attack Gun (from IA8)
--My Warlord and as basic as it gets for equipment.  His Junka is where it's at.   Though completely random, it can be utterly, insanely dangerous.

2 Units of Slugga Trukk Boyz w/ Nobs (Power Klaw and Bosspole)
2 Units of Shoota Trukk Boyz w/ 1 Big Shoota each and Nob w/ Bosspole and Big Choppa
--My "core" so to speak.  They're driving around, presenting targets, blocking firing lanes, taking objectives and double teaming anything that comes near.

12 Grots and Runtherder
--Place an Objective somewhere hidden in my deployment zone, hide my grots on it and ignore them the rest of the game, just like my opponents tend to.   So, all in all, 5 scoring units here in an objective game, not bad.

6 Lootas
--Small Unit of lootas that go in...

Mek Junka: 5 Big Shootas in total, 2 Grot Bombs (from IA8 as well)
--3 Big Shootas as is normal, 2 "grot sponsons" for the other 2 and 2 single use Large Blast Str 8 AP3 Ordnance Barrage.  VERY powerful with a ton of firepower.

Grot Tank Battle Mob-3 tanks w/ grotzookas
--Fairly Inexpensive with a lot of really high strength shooting for a lil thing.

Warbuggy w/ TL Rokkits
Warbuggy w/ TL Rokkits
--Really, really cheap chaff.  Zoom around, make sure whole units have to shoot at them and if I can, make sure they are shooting side and rear armor or even fliers

3 Killa Kanz: 2xTL Grotzookas, 1xTL Rokkits
--A ton of firepower, an awesome counter assault unit and AV 11 to boot so you have to actually put some real firepower against them.  With a KFF pretty much always nearby, they've been more survivable then the internet says they should be.   Maybe walkers aren't dead!

Dakkajet: 3 Supashootas
--I went without Fighta Ace.  I figure everything else in my list can take out most skimmers or jetbikes anyhow.  Fly around, shoot other fliers and take down some units in the open, especially with waaagh.

So there you have it, a modified version of what I tried.  There is a TON in this list.  However, it's really easy to set up and move around so should help in a tourney.   Good thing, is if I am up and just need to keep objectives, I can throw so much stuff in the way that I don't mind sacrificing.   It's worked in the games I've played so far!  

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