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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Strangest Ork List of them all?

It just might be!  I've devised a bit of a weird mekked out Speed Freekz list.  I have a feeling it might not work AT ALL but still... how much fun would it be?  Come inside and lemme know!

So the list uses units from the Ork Codex and Imperial Armour 8: Raid on Kastorel-Novem.  I had thought of just doing the Mek List in there as allies (they are Battle Brothers to Codex Orks after all) but nah!   The tourney I am taking this to allows Forgeworld, so why not!

In my original list I have grots, kanz and lootas, none of which necessarily fit in with a real fluffy Speed Freeks army.  Of course, it IS a tournament so exceptions can and probably should be made.  Still, it's my first time at this place and it's on vacation, so fun is imperative.   I am not saying this is the list I am taking, but it's wacky enough it might be a ton of fun.  

Big Mek: KFF, Burna, Cybork Body in a Mek Junka w/ 3 Big Shootas, Deffrolla and a turret mounted SHOKK ATTACK GUN
--Yeah, you read that right, SAG baby!  How zany would that be?  Plus if you teleport the trukk into combat it counts as tank shocking... and has a deffrolla.  Amazing.  It's really fragile though, relatively, with AV 11, Open Topped and 3 HP.  At least it always gets 5+ cover.

Grot Battle Tank Mob: 3 tanks, all with grotzookas.   I
--I've expounded on the awesomeness that are Grot Tanks in other posts.  Short range, unreliable and... AWESOME.  I will make beep beep and zoom zoom noises all day with these.

20 Shoota Boyz w/ 2 big shootas in a battlewagon (deffrolla, 2 big shootas)
--An actual reliable unit in this army!  Imagine that.  They lay down a huge amount of firepower and AV14 with 4 HP and often cover is really hard to dislodge.   If I feel the wagon is in trouble of getting blown up, I just disembark and sit on an objective

4xTrukk Boyz Squads:  11+Nob w/ Klaw and Bosspole
--4 super fast objective holders.  They can even jump on a squad of marines, usually double teaming, and beat the piss out of them.  I can even sacrifice one against something like Flamers or a squad with lots of templates so the other can assault freely.   Never, ever underestimate a trukk squad.

Warbuggies x 2: Twin Linked Rokkits, Red Paint Jobs
--These will be a squadron this time.  They zoom around and shoot vehicles or even fliers.   They are super cheap and almost throw away.  I've toyed with dividing the paint job points onto red paint for the two deffrollas.  That'd be a last minute decision

Dakkajet:  3 Supa Shootas, Fighta Ace
--TL against everything.  And a flier.  I just assume everyone is going to have defence lines, but hopefully the sheer amount of big shootas in my army can take it out first turn.

Deffkopta: TL Rokkits
--Some would say and easy first blood but I always outflank with these to get sides of vehicles

So there we go, my super fast army of doom.   It's a bit wacky with units no one really ever uses in ork armies.  Whatcha think?  Crazy enough to work?


  1. You can make all of the beeps boops and meeps you want.... just not when I'm around lol

  2. You are no fun. I can also hum the airwolf tune if that helps.

  3. Quick battle report!

    Long ways deployment, 3 objectives.

    My opponent also brought Orks. He had Doc Grotsnik with 30 boys, 30 shootas, 12 lootas and a KFF Mek in a battlewagon, 2 units of grots and 3 dakkajets. So, really, quite a competitive list. He huddled around the battlewagon, always getting cover. Plus he had the extra cover save objective.

    He took off my grot tanks, mek junka and buggies right off the bat, plus most of my trukks. I was way down right away. Figured for sure it was a loss. But I played a bit more conservatively and didn't really go past the 2 objectives I had and just struggled to make sure I stayed on them, sacrificing my remaining trukk, a couple boyz squads, kopta and even my battlewagon to get in the way. It helped me in the end as I was able to actually win 2 to 1 in objectives. I also concentrated almost solely on Doc's unit to kill it, while my dakkajet took out 2 of the 3 of his. Top gun!

    So, what I learned: Keep positive and play the mission.

    Hopefully I can play someone who will actually let me use my new toys so I can see what they do.

  4. I also learned that orks without lootas are really a different army. Weird as that sounds.

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