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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Update on progress and a small battle report

Hey there so just dropping in, giving a small update on what I have got done in the last few days since my last post, as well I played a small 500 pt game last night against Lizardmen. Come inside for more details

So as for model progress I have chipped away a bit more at my other 2 chariots, got the blue and pinks done and most of the metal on one chariot. I would have had more done but I spent most of last night and the night before assembling the rest of the models in the battalion to play a 500 pt game last night.

The Game : So it was a 500 pt small game ( We have been doing 500 pt games lately getting everyone back into fantasy and giving everyone a good time to start a new army and slowly paint it up).

I played Lizardmen, I had a pre made list of 10 Archers with a lvl 2 liche priest, 3 chariots, 15 warriors and 5 bow horses. He didnt have a list premade so he made one up out of what he brought with him. His list was 10 Saurus w/ Hand weapon and shield, 15 skink with javelin and shield, a lvl 1 priest w/ the item that allows a second spell and... a stegadon. Sooo he did ask my permission to play the steg in our game and I allowed it.

The game started and first turn he just moved up, and I unloaded all of my shooting into the stegadon which I managed to do 2 wounds to it. Pretty impressive considering I didnt even roll Smiting for one of my spells, in which btw I rolled the killing blow spell and -1 tough and -1 str. (Sorry dont have the spell names memorised yet) anyways turn 2 his stegadon charged my 15 warriors and completely smashed them in one go, I might have killed 1 or 2 skink crew but nowhere enough to hold. His saurus failed a charge against my chariots leaving them close enough. And his skinks just advanced. On my side I shot the skinks with bows killing 3 and my chariot charged the saurus and my horsemen charged them in the rear. In that combat I killed 6 through wounds, he turned around ignored my chariots and killed all the horsemen but one. Needless to say he lost by 3 needed a 5 on cold blooded, failed, my chariots reformed and my single skeleton horse bowmen chased the rest of them down.

Next turn his skinks charged my archers with liche priest, he killed my liche priest (Sadly enough) and killed enough archers to crumble my unit. Once that happened the game was pretty much over for me, his stegadon charged my chariots, obliterated them and that was game.

In all I think it was a good first game at 500 pts, I think things may have gone a bit differently if I didnt have a stegadon to worry about at 500 pts.

Anyways just a quick update but Ill post some pics of progress and stay tuned for everything else!

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  1. Stegadon at 500. Some people just don't get it.