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Thursday, 6 December 2012

I too, Have Returned

All right, so I bit off more than I could chew with Noveldar.  And I got really bummed out when my painting table exploded. (I can't remember if I posted about that, but the table I use for painting, a modified laptop cart, blew a gasket on me, while painting some zombies.  Not the worst thing in the world.  No the worst thing was that I had a bunch of Eldar, Space Marines and Vampire Counts on the table at the time AND an open pot of flesh wash.  So you can see why I was a little bummed out)

But I'm putting that behind me!  I'm getting back on the horse.  I'm other metaphor-ing!  Seriously though, I'm going to work some Fantasy, since that's everyone's focus right now, and really, I ought to have a finished Fantasy army.

More after the break:

So, a little backstory: A few months ago, I traded my Dwarfs to Fear for his Vampire Counts.  I had also gotten some Vampire Counts from a good friend of mine out on the coast, and was all prepped to jump inot the world of the undead.  I thought it would be perfect: an army I could play on the table, and a ton of undead models I could use at the my other table, the D&D table.

Only it turns out I don't like Vampires.  Who knew?  Too dependent on the magic phase (my LEAST favorite phase of the game), too tactically inflexible (can't flee; no shooting phase), not to mention the 'fear factor' (I had what was being called an 'unkillable' zombie unit, 20 at 500, obviously raised past that, that was destroyed in a round by less than 10 Saurus... they only LOOK scary, the have no teeth.  Get it?  No teeth?  Vampire Cou... nevermind.)

So I traded off all the Vampires to another local guy for EVEN MORE Orcs and Goblins!  Oh, backstory on that.  I traded away my Orcs and Goblins to the same guy on the coast I got the Vampires from, then later regretted getting rid of them and bought them back.  I then later traded off my Tyranids (my actual ones and the ones I'd gotten from Fear, who are now in the possession of the Choas Kid... we're one big happy, inter-trading family out here) for a bunch of Orcs that Wallshammer had gotten in the trade.  And did I mention I got a TON of Orcs (expanding my original 2500 point-ish arm) from another trade out on the coast (through Bartertown I think) that gave me a very impressive amount of Orcs?  Bottom line here, I might have closing in on 20,000 points of Orcs.  AND I think I've figured out a fast way to paint them, that while not being quite the calibre of painting I strive for, will still make them table-ready, which is really the key thing.

That being said, they are nowhere near ready to be painted.  Like, at all.  At the very least, the models that are assembled need mold-lines cleaned.  So they are getting back-burnered for a bit.

Which brings me back to the Dwarfs.  So I had sellers-regret on them as well.  I'd gotten over a thousand points of them fully, and I think, quite nicely painted.  So trading them off had just put me even farther behind getting a painted army finished.  So, making a long story short, the DAY after I traded the Vampires, Fear was talking to Wallshammer, and said he was thinking about asking if we could trade back... d'oh!  Well, getting the Vampires back is out of my hands now, but I did offer Fear a secondary trade: all my Trollbloods (which was quite a bit of stuff, books, counters, the whole she-bang), my entire Space Marine army, and my entire Dark Vengeance set.  He liked the deal: who wouldn't?  But hey, I got my Dwarfs back, and I cleared off my table a bunch of back-of-the-mind, niggling projects I probably wouldn't have gotten around to forever, but would have bugged me nonetheless.

The Space Marines were a solid army, but I already have the Wolves, and I'm not a multiple power armor kind of guy.  I don't play a ton of Warmachine anymore, but I have a very large Circle army, and decent sized Cygnar army, AND this gives Fear the chance to get in the game, which I think he'll like.  Finally, I don't even really know why I bought the Dark Vengeance set.  I didn't want to start another 40k army, and yet there I was with more than 500 points of TWO different armies.  I'm not doing Dark Angels, too many people out here already do, and I've never been a fan of Chaos.  But the models were SOOOO shiny.  It was a moment of weakness... and I got the small rulebook out of it.

Right, Dwarfs.  I'm getting really off-track here.  So I've got the Dwarfs back.  Yay!  They are boring as hell to play, but I like the models, and they do eliminate the one phase of the game I just, really, really, don't like: the magic phase.  So I'm going got give them another shot.  Try to figure out how to make them more fun, for both me and my opponent.  And, like I said, I like painting them.  There's something almost space marine-y about them.  They are regimented, uniform, yet each model still has a nice diversity to them.  I know their current plastic core kits have seen a bit of bashing the the ol' intertubez, but I like them.  And I LOVE their warmachines  Solid, very Dwarfy.

So I got a bunch of work done on them.  I didn't go out gaming, (having a neck and/or medication issue... long story.  Wait, this is already a long story.  Forget about it.) and my wife actually convinced me to give painting a shot, since damn-near everything else I was doing was bugging my neck.  And I'd done some prep work earlier that day, between me not sleeping.  The pictures are posted all throughout this post, so I'll sum them up here:

  • Sanded the bases off all the models that didn't have sand on the bases
  • Primed all the models that needed priming
  • Excepting those models, got metals based on all models, except the 2 bolt throwers
  • Washed the metals on everything
  • Put a layer of red on 10 Thunderers, 20 Slayers, and all the remaining Warmachine crew (except one, which is still with Fear.  I'll get him caught up when I get him back) and a couple of stray models (the BfSP Dwarf Thane, for example)
I'm heading out right now to see my folks, but I'll be back tonight and plan to get more done then.  The plan is:

  • Touch-ups on all the washed metal
  • Putting metals down on the newly-primed models
I want to bring the rest of the army up to a certain level.  Not really my style, since I tend to like to work small, but I figure this way I'll get a lot of the 'not fun' work out of the way (I don't like doing base metals.  Don't know why.)  Once the base work is done, they'll be up to around the level all my great axe Dwarfs are at, then I'll just finish them off in small chunks until they are done.

Also somewhere in here I'll do some work on my Elves too.  I'm almost finished 2000 points with them, so when I get tired of the Dwarfs I'll switch over for a bit.

AAAAAAAAAAND I just realized I'm a dumb ass.  I'm typing this out on my new computer (happy birthday to me!), but I don't have access to my phone on this computer, so I can't upload pictures.  I'll have to put them in another post tomorrow or something.  Right now though, I have to get going.  It's an hour and a half drive to my parent's place.


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