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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

1500 points of grot tanks and speed freekz and other zaniness!

The orks are coming back!  This time it's for a tournament in Kalispell, Montana on December 29th.  Being that I am a way outsider and it's during a vacation, I figured I'd take something a bit off the wall and unexpected.  Who knows, maybe it will even do well?   You tell me!

List first!

Big Mek: Burna, KFF, Cybork Body
20 Shootas: 2 big shootas in a battlewagon w/ deffrolla and 2 big shootas
18 Boyz+PK Nob in a battlewagon w/ deffrolla and 2 big shootas
Trukk Boyz x2
15 grots
12 grots
9 Lootas
3 Kanz: 2 grotzookas, 1 rokkit
3 grot tanks!: all grotzookas
warbuggy w/ tl rokkits x2

So, yeah, way off the wall. Basically a TON of threats zooming all over the field. Grots are generally ignored and in the day and age of multiple objectives, great lil units! Hide or stay in reserve and get objectives late. I have lots of luck with trukkboyz despite what the rest of the internet says. I do have an idea to put in a Mega Grot Tank instead of the kanz, probably with big shootas and TL rokkits. 

The Kanz, in the beginning, will advance with the mek tied to either a grot unit or in a battlewagon with sluggas.  They have a fairly short range but should still be a decent anti horde unit and a good counter assault.   The grot tanks will lay down heavy suppressing firepower.  Everything else will zoom about and dog pile on their units.  I have a TON of Str 5 and 6 in the army and lots of units.  

So... any thoughts?  Help a fella out!

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