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Monday, 3 December 2012

Progressing with my first unit

So Ill give a bit of an update on the other two chariots and kinda go over how I paint my undead both my VCs and my new TKs. Check out more inside!

 I do prime black.. yeah Im horrible on white primer always have been, I did the same with my Vampires. A couple differences this time I went a different way with the bone. On my VC I went for a more classroom skeleton with a bright white being the end product. I used bestial brown (mournfang brown) as a base over the black, then to a bleached bone (ushabti bone) and then a final coat of skull white (white scar) with my tomb kings I wanted a more older dusty look and to accomplish this I did the same Bestial base, but then a bubonic brown (Zamesi desert) and then a final highlight of bleached bone. When I brush the bone I apply all layers pretty generously and not so much of a drybrush, it almost makes layering colors useless to some but the end product does actual vary depending on the colors in the layers used even if you cant see the spectrum of them.

The gold I did have some issues with in deciding which to use. Originally on some of my earlier VCs I used brazen brass until they discontinued it and then started using shining gold (gehennas gold). With the TK I bought a few different ones off the new line Screaming Bell and Hashut Copper. I found the Screaming bell had too much of a red tone to it that it didnt mix well with the pink and blue. But the Hashut by itself being so greatly formulated (Compared to terrible gehennas gold) went on so nicely over the black I didnt even have to highlight it.

Now for the two main colors Im sure what most people care about, the pink and blue. I originally started off with tentacle pink on my VCs about 6 years ago then to find they discontinued it, and I didnt stock up before so. I had a hard time finding a replacement so I put them on hold for a bit, but looking into other lines I found that vallejo made a squid pink which was almost identical to tentacle. So I have been using that. On my VC's  I went a liche purple to a warlock purple to the squid pink, with my TKs Ive decided to skip the warlock purple since the blue is my dominant color this time around. As for the blue, same thing I use a vallejo deep sky blue overtop of a caledor blue on my Tks, and on my VC I used Mordian Blue to Enchanted to deep sky. (I think deep sky's equivalent is either ice blue or temple guard blue).

Check out a few of the pics for some show of how the colors all worked out! And stay tuned for more to come, again any questions please feel free to ask


  1. The averland sunset is in there because it is what I used for my bases as a base color.. Forgot to add that haha! And If anyone is wondering I do the bases by a good base layer of Averland sunset, a gryphon sepia wash, and highlight with zamesi desert and bleached bone!

  2. I really dig the base on the tomb kings. Nice and simple and fitting. Plus the non brown rim stands out.

    Who cares if you've done something similar, everyone has their trademark. It looks good and you get entire armies done. Hell, very few people can say they have a finished fantasy army locally and you'll soon have another!

  3. where I can buy the figures q do me interested in a goliath with ax? regards

  4. where I can buy the figures you do'm concerned a goliath with ax? regards

  5. Hey there if I read your question right these are games workshop warhammer miniatures you can check out their site at hope this helps :)

  6. The Goliath with the Axe, which was in a different post, is made by Reaper miniatures. It's some kind of barbarian if I remember. They have a great miniature finder on their site , just look for human with axe and you'll find it.