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Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Orc-tastic Orcpocalypse! 1200 points of Orcs also in one month.

Clearly I'm insane.  Thankfully I'm not alone.  So my day one ended up being cleaning off mould lines on 25 Orcs and starting on the metals.

This is a work in progress shot.  I'm hoping to get more done by the end of the night.  Also ,you might notice some color already on the models, but this is from a decade ago (wow... it's really been that long...) and every square inch of the model is being repainted.

So to kick this off, I'll tell you all I'm painting.  I have a Warboss (the Grimgor Ironhide model, but I'm just using him as a regular Warboss, since the plastic kit bosses are kind of weedy.  I do have a plastic Warboss in the wings if someone complains though.), Great Shaman and Limited Edition Standard Bearer as my characters.  Then 3 squads of 25 Boyz each.  They form the core of my army, but I'm planning on expanding those units to 35 later on down the road.  In 8th edition 25 is suddenly a small unit.

If you take a look at that tragic mess in the front with the bright skin, that's actually the start of the flesh tones.  Here's my painting process:

Start with metals.  They make the most mess.  I start with Tin Bitz, then Drybrush Boltgun metal, then Mithril Silver.  After that I use a wash of Chestnut Ink (it's discontinued, but I stocked up) to finish off the rusty look.  Then I move to skin tones.  I start with Goblin Green, then a wash of Thraka Green.  I ten clean the skin up with more goblin green.  After that, I highlight with 1/2 Goblin Green, 1/2 Scorpion Green, then solid scorpion Green, and finally 1/2 Scorpion Green, 1/2 Sunburst Yellow.  I like a good bright green for my Orc skin.  After that I usually do belts, straps and packs.  I start with Scorched Brown, then layer in Snakebite Leather (1/2 and 1/2, then solid).  I then do a 1/2 and 1/2 with Snakebite Leather and Bleached Bone, and finish off with a thin line of Bleached Bone.  If there is wood on the shield, that it next.  I lay down a solid Bubonic Brown, then wash it with Devlan Mud.  That's it.  It comes out looking just like I want it to.  Finally I finish with the cloths, which I do all in black to make the green really stand out.  First is a clean up of the black, then a highlight of 1/2 Chaos Black and Codex Grey.  Then A solid line of Codex Grey.  I don't take it further than that because otherwise it begins to look too grey. 

After that it's basing, and I'm still deciding how I'm going to do that.  Don't let the 'finished' looking bases in the picture fool you.  That will be gone by the time the model is done, and replaced with something that much better reflects my current skill level.  Still though, it is nice to be able to look back and see how far I've come.

Any how, tune in tomorrow and see how much I don't get done.  Sundays are my big gaming day, so there's not going to be a lot of painting time, as I'll be running my D&D campaign.

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