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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ork-astrating Ork-ageddon 1250pts in a month: Day 2

More done today!

Here's what I got done!

40 orks and 4 nobz in total cleaned: scraped mould lines, flashing and sprue bitz and bored out gun barrels.
6 koptas cleaned and such as well.

More after the break!

I was going to base them before priming but instead am just gonna get colored sand, put it on last and save an entire step!  Tomorrow will be priming time at the very least.  I also ran out of glue, need to get more so I can assemble the Battlewagon (which is actually already primed on sprue).

Now... colors!  Red perhaps?  It will be striking on the table top!  Gotta see how much time I have I suppose.  I could go Goff black but I also hate cheaping out on quality.  I SHOULD have enough time to get a good red on them and do some dags, flames and checkers.  I'll just leave those fiddly details for last.

And on we go!

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  1. Primed everything I have before work this morning!