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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ork-astrating Ork-ageddon 1250pts in a month: Day 11 THE ORKENING!

Alright, serious progress!  Sure, it's taking up every single moment of my waking life, but it's progress.

Before I talk about what I've painted, here's what I watched or listened to while painting.

Finished the newest Garagehammer Podcast.  Everyone who likes fantasy should listen to this.
Watched the first four episodes of the new Thundercats cartoon.  It's a megaton heavy on the messages and moral stories, but pretty cool nonetheless.  I doubt they made it for 35 year olds afterall.
Watched the first two episodes of the new Alphas show.  Pretty cool thus far.  Nothing earth shaking, but enjoyable.
And, of course, wasted a bunch of time on youtube.

As for painting... boy-yo!  All models' skin was base coated goblin green and then washed with thraka green. I then touched up all the models again with goblin green, then highlighted with scorpion green.  To that point are 5 of the nobz, all 6 koptas and an entire mob of 30.  So yeah... lots of damned painting today.  Plus fixed a door, a gate and a light in my house.  And now... I go to bed!

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  1. Yeah, I'm mostly responsible for his wasting time on YouTube.