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Monday, 29 August 2011

Putting My "Money" Where My Mouth Is

Quick update on project X. I decided not to get a replacement model for my poor, doomed, stripped to death model.  Instead, after conferring with Wallshammer, I'm going to get a replacement model for it via my usual methods, and have it painted up for October 1st.  So that means I have only 3 models left to paint.  And they are now primed.  And the rest of the models have the basing material on them.  Now to paint the bases, then add some finishing touches and viola!

But more to the point, I've joined more painting competitions (or challenges or whatever you want to call them).  Over on Warseer, they have the Tale of... series (Tale of Fantasy Painters, Tale of 40k Painters, Tale of Skirmish Painters and Tale of Terrain Painters).  Well I joined 'em all!  If I'm going to say I'm all about the hobby, I should put my money where my mouth is.  So to speak.

More after the break:

Also, this is good motivation for me on two fronts: I'm not going to buy any more of whatever I am doing, until I get that thing done.

So, for Tale of 40k Painters, I'm going to do Eldar (shocking, isn't it?).  I'm receiving a bunch of Eldar in a trade with Wallshammer, and I'll be painting those up.  The goal is to paint 200 points a month.  And since I don't have any of the Eldar stuff from Walls yet, my first 210 points is Eldrad Ulthran, because I have the model/  I'll probably polish him off right away, since it's a single model that is mostly Black.

Over in the Tale of Fantasy Painters, I've pledged to paint High Elves.  I started on this project for the WAAAAGH off, but got de-motivated when I had my paint pot crash.  Well those models are stripped and ready to go, so it'll be round 2 with the pointy-eared-ones.  My pledge for this month is a big one: 20 Swordmasters.  Shouldn't be too bad though, since they are mostly metals.

Tale of Skirmish Painters has me doing 4 Hordes models this month, which I was going to do any ways!  MWA HA HA HA!  All I've had to do is lay out my 'One Thing a Week' challenge goals for the next four weeks.  I'm still just going to paint one a week.  So, after this week's Wold Guardian (which I'll admit I haven't even started on yet), I'm going to do a Feral Warpwolf, an Argus, another Argus and a Reeve Hunter, in that order.

Lastly, for the Tale of Terrain Painters, I'm going to start off nice and simple and do up some of the vacuu-form craters that GW released a while ago.  I'm the most excited about the terrain right now.  I have a lot of terrain that is started, but not finished.  So this gives me a good excuse to finally get to finishing that terrain that has been sitting in a box for so long.  Plus, who doesn't love gaming on a table with fully-painted terrain?

Anyhow, I'd best get to painting.  I suddenly have a lot to do!

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