Four guys who want to win at painting... AT ALL COSTS!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update (Get it?)

Just another quick update, but it's doozy!  I have one more model to paint this weekend.  With a little luck I might even finish it tonight, but I kind of doubt it, as I was thinking of watching a movie instead.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not finished everything.  I still have to finish stripping two models, and then to prime two more models on top of that (so four).  But, I only have to paint four models by Wednesday!  This should mean I will finish on time, and have everything based and ready to go.

So my plan is to finish my last model tonight or tomorrow, strip those minis tomorrow, then prime on Monday, and paint Monday/Tuesday (Wednesday if needed).  I do all the basing on Wednesday and present Thursday!

A good night indeed.


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