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Monday, 22 August 2011

'Twas a Long and Stormy Night...

The city I live in reminded me exactly where I lived last night by opening up the heavens and pouring it all down on me at once.  This did have the side benefit of cooling down the house though.  That, combined with my general lack of the ability to sleep, means I got A LOT done yesterday!

I'll start off with the simple stuff.  I got the basing started on my 40k Ork army.  This is going to be a long project, but hopefully the results will make it worth it.  I'm trying a new basing style I've never tried before, using a Gale Force 9 basing kit.  It's a very long, process of painting on glue, putting on 'the kit' then painting over top of the stuff I put down once it dries and repeating the process with another part of 'the kit'.  This is messy process, and very slow.  I discovered that the hard way last night, as I tried to put the second layer on before the first had full dried and made this sort of 'slurry' of basing paste.

More after the break:

So I had to put that project on hold.  I guess I'll be doing one layer a day, which means I should have them all done by the end of the week.  Ugh... it's going to take as much time to base them as it did to paint them (I'm mostly kidding).

Then I started working on my secret project.  Of this I can say two things: First, let's hear it for Netflix!  I threw on the old Black Adder series and went to town, getting quite a lot done.  I still have a ton more to do, but now at least I feel like if I really buckle down, I might actually finish.  Secondly, I have one 'unit' done.  Or maybe I should say 'grouping' since the models I painted aren't actually all from the same unit.  And then I got a really good head of steam going on my second 'grouping'.  My plan for today, another rainy day in Vancouver, is to throw Black Adder back on and try to finish off the second grouping, and hopefully get a good head start on the third.

In addition to those two projects, I still have a D&D mini in the wings to be finished.  Luckily it is down to basing.  And, of course, the One Thing a Week Challenge over on the PP forums.  This week I am doing Kromac the Ravenous, an awesome double-model caster.  It's been very cool so far to paint the same details on two wildly different models.  I have a lot of work to still do on him though, so I imagine he'll be slow going this week.

My current plan is to go full bore on the secret project today and tomorrow, to get those starter groupings polished off, while tossing on a new layer of basing on the Orks each of those days.  Wednesday I'll be cleaning some models in prep for my next phase of painting, while hopefully finishing the bases on the Orks.  Thursday will be mass painting on the second 'half' of the secret project, which is actually the bulk of the project, way more than a fair 'half' any ways.  Friday the plan is to finish Kromac in one sitting so my Challenge is completed for the week.  Saturday will be more painting on secret project stage two... and of course taking a break to watch the new Doctor Who!  Sunday is a write-off since that's my D&D game.

From there, I'm looking to finish stage two early in the following week, then do another big round of basing for the secret project.  My idea has always been to do each set of bases for each army at least slightly different from my other armies.  So at least this will be different than the Ork bases.  Depending on glue factors again, this project should take a full day.  IF, and only if, all of this goes to plan, I can move on to secret project phase three.  This will be the real tough part.  My goal is to have all of this done by September 1st, so we're talking about beating the clock at this point.

Wish me luck!

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