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Saturday, 8 October 2011

The How Much Can I Get Done Before Wallshammer Gets Home Challenge Day 3 - *sigh*

So I got nothing done today.  The closest I got to my painting station was to be in the same room while the smoke from the oven cleared.

Long story short, I screwed up when cleaning the oven and created acidy-smelling smoke instead of lemony-freshness.  Then, while leaving the house to get some fresh air, I came home to discover that my house key was not on the ring.  For some reason I still can't fathom, my wife took my key off the ring when we got the locks fixed this week, and didn't put the key back.

My father-in-law eventually came and let me in, but needless to say the day has been a disaster.  Oh did I mention that my wife is in Oregon and has my credit card with her too?  It's not been a good day.

Better luck tomorrow.  I hope.

Actually my friend is coming over to play 40k and Warmachine, then we're going to do some painting.  So maybe i'll even have some battle reports for you guys.  I'll try to remember to take picture.  Honest I will.

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