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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Local 40k League: My next project has been decided!

Our local gaming club is running it's annual 40k Escalation League starting on November 16th.  That gives me about 3 weeks or so to get something together and ready.  I have guard, orks and daemons all ready to go at 1000pts (our starting level).  However, I also have lots of unpainted projects I wanted to do.  So... I am gonna do this one:

Is that a hint yet?  Come in and let's see!
Yup, it's space marines and specifically the Silver Skulls Chapter.  Why Silver Skulls?  They've caught my eye in several pieces of literature and stories.  It came to a culmination in the Dark Eldar codex when they helped invade Commorragh to save some trapped Salamaders.  The stories I've read made them sound so bad ass and honestly, isn't that how we decide on armies half the time?

On top of it they even have a novel coming out called Gildar Rift (A Space Marines Battle Book) where they take on the Red Corsairs.  

So it starts at 1000pts.  I've flung around some lists on Army Builder and I think I got it:

Librarian: Bolter.  Not sure on the powers.  I am thinking Force Dome and then either Machine Curse or Gate of Infinity

Tactical Squad: Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Sgt w/ Powerfist and Plasma Pistol

Tactical Squad: Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sgt w/ Powerfist and Combi Flamer

Tactical Squad: Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sgt w/ Powerfist

5 Scouts: Shotgun, Combat Blades, Sgt w/ powerfist and melta bombs

Land Speeder Storm: Multi Melta

Predator: Autocannon, Heavy Bolters, Extra Armor, Pintle Mounted Storm Bolter

Yup, you are looking at a footslogging (mostly) marine army!  I really have no idea how this will work on the table, so there is a chance the list might be changed by the 16th.  

Model wise I need to get a predator (I think) and another box of tactical marines to help finish the 3rd squad. I have to build the Storm still and rip off some shoulder pads to put on my Silver Skull ones from GW.  Yes, I bought 5 packs back when I wanted to originally do these guys.

The scouts are painted and based.  I am gonna add a bit to the basing to make it more dynamic but really, they're ready to go.  I am going to build my Storm tonight as I am hoping to get in a practice game on Saturday with them.

So, there's a new project for the blog!  Follow along kids and let us know whatcha think!


  1. First off, remember that this is just my opinion, I'm not looking to kick the theme out of your army or anything, by all means, play what you like, thats what this game is all about ;-)

    I'd like to ask, are you sure you want to be foot-slogging the Marines? This makes them terribly slow and vulnerable.

    Keep the bolt pistol for the Librarian, it gives him an extra attack in assault.

    I don't really see the point of Scouts in a Storm, how do they work with the rest of your army? Like I said in my other reply, the only use I can see for them if you make them cloaked snipers with a MotF...

    Anyway, first I'd drop the scouts and the Storm. Then, why get extra armor on your Pred? Why would it need to drive if it can't shoot for a turn? Those points can be better spent imo. I'd also replace the Sgt.'s plasma-pistol and replace it with a combi-weapon.

    With the free points, I've managed to squeeze out the following:

    Librarian: Might of the Ancients, Force Dome

    Tactical squad 1: 10 Marines, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Sgt with PF and combi-flamer, Rhino.

    Tactical squad 2: 10 Marines, Plasmagan, Missile Launcher, Sgt with PF and combi-plasma, Rhino.

    Tactical squad 3: 10 Marines, Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Sgt with PF and combi-melta, Rhino.

    Predator: HB sponsons, Storm Bolter

    Land Speeder: Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer

    The flamer/combi-flamer Tactical Squad can combat-squad so the Missile Launcher and 4 guys stay behind and shoot missiles, and the Librarian and the remainder of the squad can go in the Rhino.

    The other 2 squads could be combat-squadding as well, but be careful when playing killpoints, because theyre worth double points when you split them.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Yeah, lack of rhinos seemed a bit of a detriment as they definitely slowed me down.

    The scouts/storm always work brilliantly (well, except the one game) when I've tried them. I just make sure to assault the right units normally and they get the job done.

    Thanks for the advice for sure.

    Any thoughts on drop pods? I have 2 already (and a rhino) that I could build and use. Perhaps a third so I can drop 2 squads where I want and use a homer for the third. Yes... I got lots of crap.